This installation instructions assume you have a React project already setup. See Create a new React app if you need assistance.

Package Installation

Presto is a collection of packages that are all published on npm. To get started install the core packages:

yarn add @prestojs/util @prestojs/viewmodel @prestojs/ui

The following packages may be required depending on your needs.

Integration with React Final Form:

yarn add react-final-form @prestojs/final-form


yarn add @prestojs/routing @prestojs/rest

Ant Design

yarn add antd @ant-design/icons @prestojs/ui-antd

Minimal App Setup

The only thing that you need to add to your app is a UiProvider wrapper around any component tree that using components from @prestojs/final-form or @prestojs/ui-antd. This provider provides the specific components to use for rendering things like forms, form widgets, field formatters etc.

To integrate with @prestojs/ui-antd using all the defaults wrap your app in the following:

import { UiProvider, getFormatterForField } from '@prestojs/ui';
import { FormWrapper, getWidgetForField, FormItemWrapper } from '@prestojs/ui-antd';

export default () => (
        <YourApp />